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A SPANISH LIFE NEWS: “Clausula Suelo”: What is it and can you claim money back from the banks?

Over the last 20 years or so, buyers from all over the world have flocked to Spain in order to buy their dream Spanish property. In doing so, many of them used tracker mortgages and, as a result, may have been paying too much interest on the money they borrowed.

Tracker mortgages offer interest rates that track the Euribor (European Interbank Offered Rate) which is a reference rate that is updated daily. It takes into account the average interest across all the countries in the Eurozone. Tracker mortgages are good because if interest rates are good because if the interest rate falls, then the amount of interest a borrow pays should also fall.

Many Spanish banks, however, have been found guilty of not passing the decrease in interest onto their clients when the rates dropped in 2009. Instead, they included a minimum rate of 3% to 4% in their mortgage agreements meaning that borrowers never benefited from the lower rates and banks continued to enjoy high profits from their lending activities.

The “clausula suelo”, or interest floor clause, caused many to lose their entire life savings as well as their homes because they could not keep up the repayments. The Supreme Court in Spain agreed that many of the clauses in the mortgage agreements are unfair and have ruled that mortgage holders are able to claim back their money.

In some cases, the amount of money which can be reclaimed runs into thousands of Euro.

If you have been affected by having a Interest floor clause mortgage and would like our help in recovering your money, then please send us a email to: as we will be able to help you.

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heres the link I found a few weeks ago they helped me

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Virtual reality headsets

are any estate agents using the new VR technology yet in the Quesada area? as this would save a lot of driving? I found this site and lots of information on it.


A SPANISH LIFE NEWS: Brighter BREXIT outlook forces up UK Pound

The pound is at its highest level against the US Dollar since the EU Referendum, breaking GBP/USD 1.39 earlier today (Friday). It has also climbed against the euro, rising 1.2% midweek to 1.1350.

Brighter Brexit

This pound-positive activity is due to a brighter Brexit outlook; both Spain and the Netherlands suggested they would support the UK remaining closely aligned with the EU in terms of trade and Jean-Claude Juncker hinted that Britain could rejoin the EU after Brexit. This new-found optimism had a positive impact on the markets but as we know everything is temporary and there are bound to be more Brexit hurdles very soon.


Whooppee do... bring back the €1.50 per £ then I will be happy

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Illegal traders move off beaches into the towns

Now that the summer is effectively over and the weather is beginning to cool, Torrevieja and La Mata shopkeepers are redoubling their efforts to rid the streets of the current proliferation of so-called “manteros” and the “organised groups of illegal street vendors”.

Until a few days ago their presence was mainly confined to the beaches where they sold products ranging from footwear to sports equipment and sun wear, illegal copies of shoes and well-known sports brands, even jewellery, clothes and fruit and veg.

Torrevieja’s president of the Association of Small and Medium-sized Traders (APYMECO), David Sánchez, has been critical of their presence since July, when his organisation issued a statement denouncing the massive presence along promenades and beaches in the illegal sale of products.

He said that Torrevieja City Council “has not done anything about it” to dissuade these people who have now moved their businesses onto the streets, with little police presence to dissuade them from doing so. “The problem is far more serious than the police are giving it credit. It is an endemic problem that is causing serious damage and untold losses to many existing legal businesses, damage that they really cannot afford or sustain.

Sanchez now demands “urgent and drastic measures” from the city council and the police the illegal traders cause seriously damage to the businesses of Torrevieja that cannot be reversed. “My members religiously pay their taxes,” he said, pointing once again that the local administration has failed to provide answers to the formal complaints.

Having already suffered with the economic crisis of recent years, the damage being caused by illegal traders to genuine businesses is, without a doubt, another problem for those shopkeepers who have been able to survive. For all these reasons, the president of APYMECO urges the merchants to report, as many times as is necessary, the presence of these manteros in their areas to ensure that the Local Police are at least out on the streets.

Since 2012, when the Torrevieja City Council first introduced the Operational Reinforcement Group, one of its many tasks has been the control of illegal street vendors and the seizure of counterfeit products in the main tourist areas of the city, especially along the seafront in Juan Aparicio and La Cura beach. The responsibility should also extend to in the beach at La Mata, although there have been hardly any visits of the GRO during the summer season.

Following their clampdown 2 or 3 years ago the GRO now seems to have taken their eye off the problem as a result of which it is once again close to reaching epidemic proportions, another season of which will undoubtedly result in the closure of many more Torrevieja businesses.


they are back now... I'm sick of them... I wear glasses all the time... variofocals that go black in sunlight and the twats still try and get me to buy them...

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Red Card for Dog fouling in Torrevieja

The mayor of Torrevieja, Jose Manuel Dolón, has told the Local Police to increase their vigilance in respect of urban cleanliness in the city, particularly regarding the matter of the defection of dogs that is left behind by their owners.

He said that he is a great animal lover himself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with owners taking their dogs for a walk but when they foul the mess must be cleared up and not simply left behind for people to walk in.

Dolon said that articles 15 and 22 of city regulations show that hygiene must be maintained in the city and that the excrement must be removed without fail.

The Local Police imposed just 8 infractions in 2016 but now, after a summer focused on other priority services, he has asked them to enforce municipal regulations and both warn and punish the owners of dogs where this is appropriate.

The mayor also requested members of the public to politely but firmly encourage irresponsible dog owners to clear up after their dog. “However, if you don’t feel that you can approach someone,” he said, “report dog fouling to the local police – particularly if you know who is letting their dog foul regularly.”

In December 2015 the mayor promised that he would clamp down on anyone who didn’t clean up after their dog had defecated in a public place. He promised there would be no mercy and that offenders would be hit with fines of 3000 euros.

The promise came from the Los Verdes leader, whilst he was under increasing pressure from residents to remove all of the ‘Pipican’ and WCcan’ facilities in the town.


I think people who don't pick up mess should be fined as it may deter them in future

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Torrevieja lifeguards rescue 56 people in July. Be safe out there!

The lifesaving and rescue service that man’s Torrevieja’s packed beaches provided assistance on a total of 1,116 occasions during July. Included in those figures is one of cardiorespiratory arrest, in which it was possible to stabilise the affected person, and 56 rescues of bathers from the sea.

Javier Manzanares, the councillor for Beaches, announced the figure on Friday, saying that 406 people were treated for injuries at the various lifeguard posts with a further 406 needing attention for jellyfish stings and 46 for insect stings.

The high temperatures also took their toll on the beaches, with 22 people treated for sunburn and dehydration.

Other interventions include 35 lost persons of which two were children who were playing in the sea without adult supervision

The day on which most interventions took place was on 30 July when there were 66, and those with the least, the 5th and 7th July with 10 interventions on each day.

The councillor said that he was satisfied with the work of the lifeguards adding that “during the month of July there were no fatalities on any of Torrevieja’s beaches.”


Elche streets flooded by over 10,000 pink shirts!

More than 10,000 people took part in the annual Amacmec run against breast cancer in Elche on Sunday morning.

The traditional race, which is organised by the Association of Women Affected by Breast Cancer in the city (Amacmec), and now in its thirteenth edition, gathered on the Paseo de la Estación de Elche for the event that it is hoped will raise thousands of euros for cancer treatment and research.

There were two distances for the thousands of participants, over both 5km and 10 km courses. In addition, there were a number of parallel activities, the most popular of which was once again the Zumba demonstration which was provided by Amacmec’s own associates, some of them still receiving chemotherapy treatment.

During the event, many of the participants remembered family members who had passed away from cancer, but there were many more also who had managed to overcome the disease.

Other activities included youth dance groups, encouraged to attend by the beautiful sunny morning.

As the race leaders approached the finish line, the area around the Paseo de la Estación had become a large party in anticipation of their arrival. There was music as well as free refreshments, cocoa, fruit and water, and there were also a number of physiotherapists offering their services to those in need.

The amount raised is still to be determined so at this stage the board of the association has not yet decided how the money will be spent. What is certain, however, is that it will be used for both research against cancer and to finance Amacmec’s activities in the region.



The construction sector has maintained its steady recovery in the province of Alicante and is now growing at an even faster rate. Constructor’s applications to launch new projects have increased in recent months, especially in coastal municipalities, such as Guardamar, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and Pilar de la Horadada.

The towns of Torrevieja and Orihuela continue to lead the way with new housing construction, not only in 2017, but also during the last three years. What the data indicates is that the recovery has now been consolidated and is beginning to accelerate. According to experts, 2017 has so far been very productive in the real estate sector. Some of them say that they are likely to achieve the same figures that they did back in 2004.

The most recent study by the company TINSA, on the situation here on the coast, published on 14 June, shows that in our region, the sector is “in a clear recovery”, despite a slow-down with the rate of home purchases by Britons following Brexit which is being offset in part by the increase in purchases by Swedes, Norwegians, Belgians and Russians who are now buying houses in the area in increasing numbers.

The company also states in their report that in the Orihuela Costa “about 120 homes have been reactivated, with new product being built mainly for the holiday market

According to the TINSA report, based on data provided by the Ministry of Public Works, new construction applications in Orihuela Costa in 2015 were 448, while in 2016 they rose to 1,038, an increase of 132%, a Growth much higher than that of Guardamar, with 66%, Torrevieja, with 27%, and Pilar de la Horadada, with an 8% increase in the number of applications for new work.

Faced with this data on the Oriol coast, the there is little new construction activity in Orihuela city and the districts, not only during 2017 but also in recent years. In fact, the licenses granted by the Department of Urbanism are practically all for promotions on the Orihuela Costa, according to the councillor, with new licenses in the city only given and are for minor works, “generally reforms.”



At a press conference held on Monday, Torrevieja’s Councillor for Security, Javier Manzanares, announced that, following the weekend’s Simulated Exercise, the Municipal Plan for Seismic Risks will be updated by the participating experts who were involved in Saturday’s activities.

In making the statement Manzanares appeared alongside a leading expert in Seismic risks, the architect Joaquín Blanco, as well as the administrador de fincas and President of the Association “Torrevieja 1829,” Isidoro Carrillo, a group that remembers the catastrophic eruption that caused so much death and devastation almost ninety years ago

Manzanares said that the amended information would be disseminated through a series of lectures and talks with many different groups, in schools, colleges, homes for the elderly and associations. He confirmed that the Town Council would advise such organisation when the information and dates have been confirmed.

The purpose of the briefings would be to advise members of the public how to act during and after an earthquake, thereby providing knowledge that could save many lives, such as the need to move away from areas with high buildings and to go to areas of wastelands as well as the location of necessary medical facilities and the requirement to take, and to provide information for, a census.



The Guardia Civil and Torrevieja council have warned that there are licensing deficiencies with the activities that are authorised to take place in a Punta Prima nightclub that is currently operating with just a motel license and as such they have written to the Generalitat requesting that it be closed down.

The disclosure comes after an inspection carried out by agents of the Civil Guard, during which they detected numerous security deficiencies in the building, which is located on the N-332 on the edge of the Urbanisation Los Barcos. According to information provided by the establishment itself, In addition to the guest bedrooms, the venue has outdoor parking and a bar-disco area that hosts erotic shows.

After receiving the report from the Civil Guard, municipal authorities upheld the findings including the absence of minimum security measures necessary to carry out the activities that take place in the facility. The services that are available within the establishment are not authorised by the terms and conditions of the license that was granted at the time of opening, for a business that was launched exclusively as a motel.

In Spain it is common for businesses that operate as nightclubs to be legally covered under the terms and conditions of a hotel, hostel or, as is the case here, a motel, as the rooms are intended for clients to rest. This allows the premises not to be subject to opening and closing times.

However it is the Generalitat Valenciana that must attend and ratify these licenses following a visit during which they must inspect the facilities and confirm their suitability for purpose.

The building in question is reasonably isolated from the adjacent urbanisation and although there appear to be no complaints from neighbouring residents, it seems unusual that the establishment was visited by the Guardia, as such inspections are usually carried out by the Autonomous Police

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