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Sourcing Craft Supplies

Hi Folks,
can anybody help?
Trying to source Craft supplies and I am struggling lol.
Looking for good quality card, around 250 to 300 grams in weight, glues inc modge podge, spray glues, glitter glues and glitter varnish, stamps and inks...
Maybe a brick and mortar shop does not exist?
Unfortunately buying online is either exorbitantly expensive for shipping or prohibited.
any info greatly appreciated :)


Hiya. My wife and I love making unique gift ware more of a hobby really, but we have the same problem in finding a shop where we can buy our materials. We have to source from the UK as Spain is so backward when it comes to arts and crafts, unless anyone can tell us otherwise! Good luck in finding a shop.

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2016-09-27 11:29:37 UTC

We are currently in production in creating online shops within the ASL group. The shops will be offered to people that create all sorts of unique gift ware. No mass produced items will be permitted as the shops are dedicated totally for the Arts and Crafts and unique gift ware industry with no listing fees or commission charges. For general inquiries and further information, please contact

Commented Support in Alicante 2016-09-27 11:48:47 UTC

Is your shops just going to be for resedence of Spain? We have a shop with Etsy at the moment, been with them for years but it's changed so much now and not for the good so we are looking for something new, will email soon.

Commented Bob & June Hampton in Quesada 2016-09-27 15:08:12 UTC

Hi Bob & June

My wife and I used to love making hand made items and we still do! But had a very similar experience that you guys had. Years ago ETSY was very good and we were fairly successful in selling our products, but like everything things changed and now it is a multi million pound enterprise that allows mass produced items.

I truly hope you are listening ASL to what we are saying. We think you have hit on a brilliant idea to include online shops to your site and if you keep it to just hand made unique crafts, then you have our support 100%

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2016-09-27 17:40:00 UTC

Sounds very interesting!
Have lots of questions so have sent you an email.
Look forward to your reply:)

Commented sofiawella in Quesada 2016-09-28 09:16:49 UTC

Dear June and Bob

Thanks for your comments. Just to answer your question. ASL is predominantly visited by European Countries with the U.K. being number one, but saying that we are now seeing visitors from the USA!
A lady called Jan, who has over 10 years experience in the hand made craft industry, also being a Director of ASL is heading this department and her wealth of knowledge and experience will undoubtedly be a great asset.
We will keep you posted on developments.

Commented Support in Alicante 2016-09-28 12:36:21 UTC

There used to be a craft shop at San Luis in Torrevieja called Kates. She had a large selection of supplies, well worth a visit.

Commented Diane in La Marina 2016-10-07 20:23:38 UTC

lets hope the ASL craft shops get up and running soon

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-10 19:14:36 UTC

dying in spain

I found my neighbour dead last week after a call from his daughter asking me to check on him. a nice guy from Holland in his 80's we had a few calls over the months from his daughter and we didn't mind checking on him... but the point of this is simple... why do family leave an old man on his own in a villa in spain knowing he is not well? you tell me... when I called the cops and ambulance I got a grilling... not to bad but I had to be there for him... anyway he got cremated within 48 hours... the family said thank you steve and that was that. off they went... heartless


That is so sad, and well done you. I hope when my time comes I have everyone around me.

Commented Sally Davis in Quesada 2018-03-10 06:40:57 UTC

That is so sad, where the family English?

Commented Love Spain in La Marina 2018-03-10 07:04:36 UTC

No one should die alone, good for you Steve

Commented Bob & June Hampton in Quesada 2018-03-10 07:26:10 UTC


Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-10 19:12:01 UTC

Quesada high street... whats going on...

Lots of new commercial buildings getting built which is great for Quesada but now they have built an eyesore Mas y Mas right by the entrance to Quesada... now I here they are going to close the main drag off for 6 months to re do the road layout differently? lots of businesses on this street will lose custom and some are even thinking of selling up or simply walking away as no customer + no money = nada... what are our councillor/s doing about this?


What I sent a Mas y Mas? I have always love the high street in Quesada it’s what makes Quesada different, it’s always buzzing.
But I have to agree it’s a mess these days and almost impossible to walk on the path, if you are not opstructed by cars parked over the pavement or tables and chairs from the cafes then you are going to bump into the ever increasing people that use it.
Things need to change.

Commented Sally Davis in Quesada 2018-03-10 06:42:08 UTC

I think Quesada is best known for the Arches and the high street, it has to be one of the best in Spain, I was at La Marina not long ago, it had no style to it what so every compared to Quesada.

Commented Team ASL in La Marina 2018-03-10 06:52:00 UTC

I think Quesada is very popular with different nationalities where as la marina is little Essex imo

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-10 11:42:07 UTC

I never didn’t like Essex SORRY

Commented Bob & June Hampton in Quesada 2018-03-10 15:05:46 UTC

Good bye to Spain

It’s 12 months to D day, and the end or our marriage to Europe, I have seen so many people getting ready to leave as no one seems to know hat is going on and if we will be able to stay with the same rights as we have now.

I love Spain and the life I have but will I be able to keep it?

I don't think anything will change tbh

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-10 11:39:19 UTC

School near quasada

Need to know about schools in the quasada areafor my 11 yr old daughter


Hi Angie. You are governed to where you live to what school is available to your daughter.
Quesada will be Rojales. There is a school in Benijofar as well.
Local council will be able to give you some advice and they speak English.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-06-08 20:45:41 UTC

Thank you

Commented angie in Quesada 2017-06-10 16:38:12 UTC

My 21 year old daughter has judt moved hear to Spain with us is there any where she could go a group maybe. She has an 8 week old baby and single

Commented angie in Quesada 2017-06-10 16:39:58 UTC

the school in rojales is fantastic we took our 12 year old daughter there and within 1 week was literally conversant in basics. after 1 year she spoke fluently

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 22:42:12 UTC

There is loads to do in the area. And a lot more Yong people around than there was when we moved here 15 years ago.
It’s a great place to live,

Commented Bob & June Hampton in Quesada 2018-03-10 07:20:05 UTC


Hello to everyone in Quesada and those of us that love the place and of course to Quesada life its nice to be back in contact with everyone again, life has not been the same over the last few months without you all.
I see that the site has a lot more things to be added but at least we have our forum back. I would just like to ask everyone to get registered and tell everyone the forum is back so that we can build our on line community again, and so that I have some one to take to.


fantastic news

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 17:12:46 UTC

fantastic news

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 22:36:35 UTC

Tattooist advert

Hi admin I tried to put an advert on here a few hours ago


Advertising on facebook

As a stay at home dad I try to make a living from working from home and signed up with a company to market their tv set top boxes and after using facebook for a while I got kicked off for a week. however they would allow me to post the same advert if I paid them! well I think this was unfair as I haven't even made a penny from it yet after a month... I don't know what to do now


Hi Steve I would love to know how to make money online, I think its a fantastic tool I just do not know how it works?

Commented Sally Davis in Quesada 2018-03-06 10:01:36 UTC

I'm still trying to find out properly myself but will let you know if I get there... I'm going to try and put an advert on this site now and see what happens

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-06 10:20:46 UTC

I now work for a claims company specialising in getting customers refunds from Spanish banks... it pays very well but it takes a couple of months for the first payment to reach your bank... as the Spanish legal system is slow... I can now work around my commitments... send me a PM at and I can get you started if this interests you

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 10:13:53 UTC

I find staggering posts through the day helps.....worth a try

Commented Maureen in Javea 2018-03-09 10:16:34 UTC

great service! and very helpful and friendly

Commented Maureen in Javea 2018-03-09 10:23:23 UTC

got a job with working online

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 10:35:59 UTC

Hi Lisa how are you today? suns out 20c here today... when are you back over to Quesada?

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 15:14:52 UTC


Built in 2011 at a cost of almost 9 million euros Torrevieja’s Social Care Centre remains closed because it still hasn’t been transferred by the Consell into the hands of Torrevieja City Council and it is still not known when it is likely to open.

The Consell say that they cannot open it yet because it “does not meet the legal requirements and also needs some modifications.

The Torrevieja mayor, José Manuel Dolón, explained that the City Council had found three problems when they were going through the process of opening it as an adult centre, family meeting point and supervised children’s centre.

The first is that the property is “not legalised” since “it has not been formally handed”. This procedure has to be carried out by the construction company that erected the building. However, according to Dolón, the architect who was in charge of the project has refused to sign a statement of completion. “It’s a case very similar to the Municipal Theatre,” said Dolon, who blamed the situation on the PP saying “the normal thing is that when the work is finished everything is signed, but it has still not happened.”

The second of the “unpleasant surprises” that have been found is that money is still owed for the construction of the building. The construction company filed an appeal in the courts to claim 245,862 euros as settlement for the works, of which 79,839 was VAT.

The third problem is related to the building plot itself as formal reports were never made, a process that is carried out prior to the commencement of construction work.

The Centre has been built on a municipal plot of 11,152 square meters, divided into 7,630 square metres of garden and 3,522 square metres of accommodation space on the ground floor. The total constructed area is 5,000 square meters which will eventually be used by such local organisations as AFA, ALPE, AMFA, ADIEM and APANEE

However, the mayor was unable to provide any indication of when the building might open.


what a waste of taxpayers money

Commented steve in Quesada 2018-03-09 10:09:55 UTC
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